The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle Reflects on Day 31

Exodus 28–30, Psalm 26, Matthew 27

One of the apostolic fathers said (paraphrasing Genesis 3:8), “God wishes to walk with his creatures in the eve of the day.” Jesus said, “How long have I wanted to gather you under my wings like a hen gathers her chicks?” (Matthew 23:37). In response to this desire of God and his choosing to be with us, people have long responded with words reminiscent of Psalm 26 wherein the author sings of his desire to walk with God in integrity.

From the verses in Exodus, we can see that for a long time, people have walked with God in the safety of a sanctuary, where people worship and wear different things. I force my youngest one to get cleaned up for worship. We have a rule: no holes in your clothes when you go to church. We do and act differently in the sanctuary when we go there and walk with God for a little while.

God comes into the creation that he loves. He enjoys walking with us in the cool of the evening breeze. And he invites us to live out our Christian lives in the world. We are called not only to dress up and go to church but to leave the church and take God with us, so that God may walk with us and talk with us as we make our pilgrim journey through the course of our day. We are to take God with us and introduce God to our family and friends, our neighbors and coworkers. We are to take God into the tabernacle of our souls and meet the poor, hungry, and homeless who live along the path of our life.

When we do this work of worship in the midst of our living, what we find is that God is already there and has been waiting for us all along. God is already there in our lives and the lives of those we would seek to help. He is already there. We find it was us and our need to walk worshipfully through life that was the missing piece.

I think when we do this we cannot help but see God in Christ Jesus, and we cannot help but say after everyone we meet, “Truly this is the son of God” (Matthew 27:54).


What would happen if you wrote down the names of everyone you saw today? Write down the names, and then write “Jesus Christ” next to each name. When you are done, spend thirty minutes and pray quietly. What was your experience? PRAYER

Jesus Christ comes into our midst and opens his arms to us on the hard wood of the cross. Help us to worship God by opening our arms as God’s saving embrace to the world around us. Amen.

-The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle
Bishop of Texas
Houston, Texas