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Read the Bible in just one year, cover to cover, and discover a road map to God. That’s exactly what readers are invited to experience in the newly published The Bible Challenge (Forward Movement, 365 pages, $18), edited by the Rev. Marek P. Zabriskie with an introduction by the former presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church, the Rt. Rev. Frank T. Griswold.

This great journey begins as a simple invitation: Explore the Holy Scripture in just 365 days, and transform your life. The Bible Challenge encourages participants to embark on a fantastic exchange of faith and spirit, to engage with those Biblical stories that never seem to be read aloud in church.

Launch this invigorating adventure first with Genesis 1-3, Psalm 1 and Matthew 1, then allow yourself to be guided-day by day-through the next twelve months, to be drawn into a thought-provoking world of grace. The large-format paperback also asks readers to join others from their own congregation or community in discussing these same pages each day.

The Bible Challenge serves as a practical handbook for any group, Bible study or family, a directional devotional that provides helpful meditations and talking points to accompany each of the day’schosen Bible passages and testimonies. Written by more than a hundred archbishops, bishops, deans, priests and scholars from across the globe, these daily essays provide guidance and inspiration from a variety of viewpoints.

“You can start The Bible Challenge at the beginning of the year or anytime of your choice,” notes Zabriskie. “Some find it helpful to begin at Lent or Advent. The schedule of this book works best if you begin ‘Day 1’ on a Monday.”

Enter this sustained encounter with God’s Word and discover a welcoming sense of Jesus, as you take the first step on an enlivening and enveloping pilgrimage to meet the Creator.

The book is avaliable at bookstores, through and other online booksellers, or by mail-order at Forward Movement, founded in 1935, is a nonprofit ministry of The Episcopal Church. Quantity discounts available for large purchases. Discounts begin at 10 copies. Contact Forward Movement for price quotes.

Edited by Rev. Marek P. Zabriskie
Foreword by Bishop Frank T. Griswold
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble
(Kindle e-Reader and Nook Tablet Versions Available)
ISBN: 978-0-88028-347-2 Price: $18; e-Book $9.99