Testimonial: Stephen C.

I have read the first 5 books so far and started Joshua before I got busy.  I will need to re-start at the beginning of Joshua.  I have been reading it on my nook, the NIV Study Bible version.  That makes it easier to travel with and find myself able to read it on the train and even the subway up in NYC.  It does make it a little hard to navigate to the footnotes- which are at the end of each chapter but fortunately, Kathy has the hard copy and I use that after I read a chapter to make sure I understand the finer points.  It also forces me to read it more like a story- and while you can skim paragraphs when it was getting a bit tedious with the “rules” and family lineages, you can’t skim whole pages at a time and you really can’t “look ahead”.

I have found reading the Bible interesting and clearly I had never seen many of the passages in the first five books through the normal Sunday readings, so I have found it worthwhile.

I am very much a task oriented person, so I found it useful to get through the first 5 books and now will focus on getting through the Judges books.  I appreciate your support.