Day 216: Psalm 27, Isaiah 4-6, 1 Thessalonians 4

the Very Rev. Jonathan Lean, Dean of St. David’s Cathedral in Wales.
Psalm 27 is a prayer for help which falls neatly into three distinct sections. It is a reflection upon the journey of life and the psalmist’s dependence upon God which leads him out of a forsaken way into living the life of God.
From chapter 4 of the prophecy of Isaiah we see a reflection of the glory intended for the faithful. Chapter 5 seems to suggest that a spirit of goodwill towards God can be distorted by the world and its intent. If we can see beyond these negativities there is a chance God can use us as, he did the prophet, for a higher purpose in proclaiming his word.
In 1 Thessalonians chapter four a common theme of sanctity is endorsed by St Paul; he calls upon Christians to be pure and holy. This can be achieved by faithfulness to God in everyday things; so that at the end all things that belong to God will return to God.

How do you feel about your own calling to be a Christian in the light of these readings? Are you prepared to respond by saying ‘here am I; send me!’?
Are you prepared to respond to God by seeing resurrection promise as not something that is to come but as something that is relevant to your situation today?
Is it possible to trace a thread of negativity in these readings which can be applied to your own life? By recognising these threads do you realise your dependence upon Jesus? Despite the recognition of your failures do you trust in God to fulfil his will in you and the world today?

Heavenly Father, may we grow in faith and love, trusting in your will and purpose. Give us strength and guide us in all things so that in all things we may glorify your holy name, through Jesus Christ our living Lord. Amen.

The Very Rev. Jonathan Lean is Dean of St. David’s Cathedral in Wales.