Day 214: Psalm 25, Song of Songs 7-8 , 1 Thessalonians 2

the Very Rev. Jonathan Lean, Dean of St. David’s Cathedral in Wales.
Psalm 25 is a prayer for help, guidance and forgiveness. In the words of this psalm we find that the psalmist, in the light of God’s mercy, goodness and tolerance, reflects and appreciates a deep relationship with God. It is a prayerful psalm that enables us to draw closer to God and to value his redeeming love.

The Song of Songs is a collection of poems. It is good to take them at their face value and see them as a piece of beautiful writing setting the seal of divine approval on human love and affection.
In the reading from the first letter of St Paul to the Thessalonians Paul encourages the church to proclaim faithfully the message that they have received in accordance with the will of God. It is a straight talking and confrontational epistle which reminds its readers of the responsibility of ‘living a life worthy of God.’

Do you find consolation when reading the scriptures in helping you in personal situations and difficulties?
In the Song of Songs are you able to see beyond the beauty of the prose to the relevance of God in our lives and in society today?
Are you, like the early church members at Thessalonica, able to face the challenges that sometimes make being a Christian difficult without compromising the gospel and its relevance to today?

Holy and glorious God, in your son Jesus Christ, you have redeemed humankind. You have brought us out of our doubt and fears and enabled us to grow in faith and love. Help us in all things to be your image in the world and reflect your glory to all humanity, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen

The Very Rev. Jonathan Lean is Dean of St. David’s Cathedral in Wales.