Day 193: Job 37-39, Psalm 8, Galatians 4

By The Revd. Richard Kew
I have vivid memories of a clear dark Tennessee night when a small group of us lay on a grassy hillside watching a meteorite shower. The starry heavens were breathtakingly beautiful and if Psalm 8 did not come to mind at that time, it ought to have done! Each year new discoveries show how vast and complex the universe actually is, far larger than the author of Psalm 8 ever imagined – but despite this, then and now we cannot help but wonder at the majesty and magnificence of it all. Just trying to grasp its magnitude demonstrates what it means for God to be ‘Almighty.’

Yet the paslm is not so much about the heavens but about those of us who made in God’s image who people the earth. The psalmist is showing us in this prayer to the Creator and Sustainer of all things that we are precious and matter, not just ‘in bulk’ but as individuals. We may seem to be a tiny part of God’s vast creation but we are fearfully and wonderfully made, We are, as Paul describes it, heirs with a special place in the divine heart, created a little lower than angels butredeemed through the death and resurrection of the Son, and equipped by the Spirit to be servants and stewards.
Therefore I matter to God enormously, and so do you. This means it is important how I live my life today, whether I am suffering like Job, vacuuming the floor, peeling potatoes, managing a major project, or changing a baby’s diapers. Within this context the Lord God hears our prayers, listens, and responds – because we matter. Indeed, “God’s name is majestic in all the earth!”

1. How will my actions and thoughts today demonstrate that I matter enormously to God?

2. How do the Cross of Christ and the fact that I matter so much to God fit together?

Lord God, in all that I do and all that I am may I show forth the refrain of the Psalmist that God’s name is majestic in all the earth. Amen

The Revd. Richard Kew, Development Director and noted author, Ridley Hall, Cambridge, England.