Day 163: II Chronicles 35-36, Psalm 132, I Corinthians 7

By The Rev. Canon Habacuc Ramos-Huerta

You have heard about the Millennium Development Goals. There are 8 and the first on the list is: End Poverty and Hunger. We as the Anglican Church in Mexico are contributing to that goal. A wonderful project called “Feed the Hungry” run by St. Paul´s Anglican Church in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, now feeds about 3,000 kids every day. What begun as a social ministry on the streets about 30 years ago is now a great example of what can be done in partnership with local organizations. They bring breakfast from Monday to Friday to several kindergartens and elementary schools in the surrounding area. The challenge is everywhere we look around and we are called to take action now.

Zion is in many ways the people of God in every generation and in that sense we are Zion and we have been chosen by God , we are his place to dwell and he will give plenty of bread and feed our soul and body and he will dress us up with salvation.

I remember my childhood and my parent’s advice. Dad and mom used to go to work meetings every month a little bit far from home. Early my mom got up to cook and leave food for the three of us in order to have our meal meanwhile they return. We shared with our friends what we had at home and mom used to get pretty much upset when seeing that there was no food and all the times was the same. We were kids sharing and they were parents administering the good of the house.—Years after I laugh about our early experiences in life and I wish people act like little kids sharing what we have but I see otherwise people not willing to share. I see also in our current world that we are being measured as if we were made of the same character and no we are different, every one of us is unique and we all are loved by God no matter what!

Do you participate in any kind of project to help the hungry?

Do you act like a child sometimes at least for fun?

Most merciful God, don’t pay attention to our failures and give us courage to share your infinite love to our neighbors close to home and far beyond.


The Rev. Canon Habacuc Ramos-Huerta is Secretary General of the Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico