Day 162: II Chronicles 32-34, Psalm 131, I Corinthians 6

By The Rev. Canon Habacuc Ramos-Huerta

Those who are just will inherit the Kingdom of God. And what about those who are not?—In every generation we are called to find the kingdom of God and some generations get closer and other go far from it. It will be too risky for this humble servant of God trying to determine what level of justice we are experiencing in the different regions of the world today. I know that some would say that justice can not be perfect and of course if we go arguing every kind of level then we tend to make all things imperfect instead of looking the better side of the matter. Today and ever someone who is just is always in the search of justice and is justice to be fare or to give any person what deserves? Justice is blind, is said. I am not sure of that. When we close our eyes pretending not seeing what is going on in the local community or the world we send a clear message that we don’t care. My hope is that we don’t forget that we as Christians are called to make a difference to build up the kingdom of God here and now on earth.

Justice is right there in front of us, this is not something subjective. The level of conscious, the improving of goals, the way we do things is so relevant. We are not only in a world with nice concepts or ideas; we are in a world where we have at a personal level a very important role. Justice for all is not a slogan, is something we shall always pursue. Justice for those who look a better life trespassing borders in the search for a well paid job; justice for those who work hard every day in order to get what they need for sending their daughters and sons to university; justice for those who are unheard in their claims for a change in politics to reverse climate and environmental problems and justice for those seeking peace.

Have you been involved in a peace march or something similar?

As a father or mother what do you do to promote justice at home?

Gracious Father, we are your creatures and we have built up walls and barriers in our lives that have make us walk in different paths. Help us to find ways to encounter our sisters and brothers in need and give us the willingness to act with justice all the days of our life. Amen.

The Rev. Canon Habacuc Ramos-Huerta is Secretary General of the Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico