Day 156: II Chronicles 17-19, Psalm 126, I Corinthians 1

By Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel

To be like those who dream.  Psalm 126 is one of the most beloved of them all.   It is, like all of them, a melody.  It is about journey, where one moves from carrying the seed, to reaping the harvest and all the joy and struggle that comes with it.  Unlike much of the Psalter, this one is of a happy time, of hope, of promise.  It is a song of growth and strength.

One thing I love about this Psalm is its connection with all we would finally know in Jesus.  It seems to speak of the very Kingdom He would come to tell us of, and that we now strive for.

What does it mean to be “like those who dream?”
In what can you identify which begins as seed, and leads to harvest?

God, the lover of souls, help us to dream and to find the happiness that comes from knowing you, and trusting you, and may our faith grow just as a seed becomes a mighty oak.  Amen.

The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel is bishop of the Diocese of Olympia in Washington State