Day 129: II Kings 4-6; Psalm 107; Acts 22

By Rev. Loren Mead, author, consultant and founder of The Alban Institute.

Great classical stories abound in these readings about Elisha and his servant Gehazi. They visit Shunem and minister to and are ministered to by the Shunemite widow; they encounter the great Aramean general Naaman and cure him of pride and leprosy; and engage in other roles with the people and leaders of Israel. Who have accompanied us on our journey home?

Paul’s story goes on with the beginning of his testimony about his conversion, a dramatic, first-person telling of his extraordinary journey to Damascus, the story that is one of the most central to the early Church. And the readings take him on toward Rome. What is our testimony of how we ‘found’ ourselves in Christ? Where did we begin and where are we now?

How is Paul’s story of his background like or unlike Naaman’s pride in his authority and lineage?

O God our help in ages past,
Our hope for years to come.
Be thou our guide when life shall last
And our eternal home.

The Rev. Loren Mead is an author, consultant and founder of The Alban Institute.