Bible Outreach

Providing Bibles to those in Need Worldwide

One of our dreams of The Center for Biblical Studies is not only to encourage Christians and seekers around the world to read the Bible, overcome biblical illiteracy and develop a lifelong spiritual practice of Bible reading, but to provide Bibles to those in need.

How can we succeed in reading the Bible, if we do not own one?  We take having a Bible for granted, but in many remote parts of the world, a Bible is hard or rare to find.  Few individuals own one.  As a result, almost no one reads the Bible.

The Center for Biblical Studies hopes to provide Bibles to dioceses, cathedrals, churches and communities around the world.  Together, we can transform countless lives.

Working with American Bible Society and 147 National Bible Societies serving in over 200 countries around the world, the CBS hopes to help match dioceses, churches, bishops, clergy and individuals who want to donate funds to provide Bibles in areas of great need.

Today, we often speak of outreach as assisting the poor and the needy, but what greater need is there than for Christians to put a Bible in the hands of persons who do not possess one.  If your diocese, cathedral, parish or you want to contribute Bibles to those in need, please e-mail us.

If you know a particular area where there is great need for Bibles, let us know, or we will gladly assist in matching donor dioceses, cathedrals, churches and individuals to areas of need, if you do not know of one.

National Bible Societies provide on-the-ground support for those who receive Bibles in the language and format they need in order to comprehend God’s Word and put its life-changing message into action.  Together we are working with local dioceses, cathedrals and churches of all denominations.

Our first request for Bibles has come from Bishop John Adiema, bishop of the new Diocese of Rorya in Tanzania.  Bishop John wrote the following message to us:

Dear Marek,

I am so much grateful for inviting me to join and be in the advisory board of the center for Bible studies.  This is a great initiative particularly for me and my Diocese.  One of the major problems we are facing is time to read the bible and commitment to read the Bible.

Many of my priests do not read or read it very rarely.  Many of my Christians do not possess the Bible because first they say that they cannot afford to buy it.  The few that can afford to buy it do not see the need to buy it, and because they do not possess the Bible and do not read it, they have no wider knowledge of the word of God.  Consequently there is no transformation in many peoples’ lives, and we have many nominal Christians.

This initiative will greatly help churches in Africa.

May God bless you

Bishop John

If you would be interested in a donation, please contact us.