What Church Leaders and Theologians are Saying About the Bible Challenge

“Engagement with God as revealed through His Son is at the heart
of the Christian life – it’s a life time commitment for all
Christians.  That’s why this project is so important – its
goal is nothing less than to enable all to know God and His Son
Jesus Christ, through His transforming Word.”
The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Kearon – Secretary General of the Anglican Communion

“Nothing is more important to the Christian than the careful and close reading of Scripture.  The Center for Biblical Studies and the Bible Challenge wants to change the Church; instead of a church which neglects Scripture, the Center wants a Church that loves and feeds on Scripture.  This is an important cause.  Let us bring back Biblical literacy and with it faithfulness.” – The Very Rev. Ian Markham, Dean of the Virginia Theological Seminary

 “However we interpret it, the Bible remains the bedrock of the
life of Christians of all traditions.  I welcome the effort
of the Center for Biblical Studies to engage Christians in the
discipline of reading sacred scripture and I encourage all
believers to take up the challenge.”
Dr. Harry Attridge, Dean of the Yale Divinity School

“This project in Bible reading is enormously important for the
church, its faith, and its missional vitality.  In a time of
cultural confusion and anxiety, the focus on and recovery of the
biblical tradition is an important enterprise.  I celebrate
the way in which folk are ready, willing and able to engage with
these old texts that run beyond all of our categories of
expectation.  I anticipate that much gain for the
faithfulness of the Church will come from our common reading.”
Dr. Walter Brueggemann, Professor Emeritus of the Columbia Theological Seminary

“The Bible Challenge is an imaginative, simple and very Anglican
way to ‘read, mark, learn and inwardly digest’ the rich legacy of
Holy Scripture.  As we celebrate this year the 400th
anniversary of the King James Version, that hugely influential
Anglican gift to the English-speaking world, I commend The Bible
Challenge as a faithful way to increase Biblical literacy among
our people.”
Bishop Peter James Lee, former Bishop of Virginia

“The great imperative facing the Church right now is the
imperative of retuning all of us – clergy and laity, natal
Christian and new Christian, disaffected believer and ardent
convert – to the Scripture and to a reverent, easy intimacy with
what it is, as well as with what it says.  The Center for
Biblical Studies, together with its concept of The Bible
Challenge, exists to facilitate and effect that movement back to
the grounding word of God from which we come and from which too
many of us have become estranged.”
Phyllis Tickle, author of The Great Emergence

“As a bishop, I am quite concerned about the biblical illiteracy
which exists in our church.  I worry that the Episcopal
Church tends to “cede over” the Bible and careful study of it,
leaving it to interpretations and theologies that do not reflect
our tradition or understanding.  The Bible Challenge is, to
me, a very welcome development, positive and focused.  It
recognizes a real problem and provides a real plan and assistance
in addressing it.   In addition, I very much appreciate
the desire to make the reading and study of the Bible a ‘life-long
spiritual practice.’  I am going to encourage our diocese to
participate and I thank those who have brought this to life!”
Bishop Greg Rickel, Bishop of the Diocese of Olympia

“The Bible Challenge is just what mainline churches across the
United States need to reclaim the Bible in a healthy and
spiritually productive way.  It allows those who visit,
worship and belong to our churches to discover spiritual joy and
from daily Bible reading and a deep understanding of God’s
Word.  We plan on encouraging all of our churches, clergy and
lay leaders in the Diocese of Arizona to participate in The Bible
Challenge so that they can successfully read the Bible and develop
a life-long spiritual practice of daily Bible reading.  I
commend The Bible Challenge to your diocese, church and you.”
Bishop Kirk Smith, Bishop of the Diocese of Arizona

“Reading the Bible is one of the best ways to begin to know God’s
tone of voice and how God is moving in our lives.  The CBS is
a grassroots movement to help Christians and seekers begin to know
God and live more fully.  The Bible Challenge is the center
piece of our vision and I encourage everyone to read through the
Bible every year to grow in grace and love with God and one
The Rev. Frank Allen, Rector of St. David’s Church, Radnor, in Wayne, Pennsylvania

“As a parish priest, I saw what happened in people’s lives when
they embarked on the adventure of reading the whole Bible.
The power of God to transform people through an encounter with the
Word is breathtaking.  I’m delighted to support the Bible
Challenge personally, and I am pleased that Forward Movement can
provide resources to nurture and challenge people on their journey
with the Bible.”
The Rev. Scott Gunn, Executive Director of Forward Movement

“I hope you’ll join the Center for Biblical Studies and me in
taking on a specific kind of Bible Challenge: The challenge of
inviting teenagers into the regular practice of reading the Bible
on their own.  Someone took on that challenge for me, and my
life and faith are inestimably different because of it.”
Mark Devries, President of Youth Ministry Architects