The Center for Biblical Studies International Advisory Board

We are privileged to have international Church leaders, scholars and theologians support the Center for Biblical Studies as we share and promote The Bible Challenge as a global resource for Christians and seekers of all denominations around the world.

The Center for Biblical Studies International Advisory Board


  • The Rt. Revd. Justin Welby – Archbishop of Canterbury

  • The Most Revd. Rowan Williams – former Archbishop of Canterbury

  • The Rt. Revd. Paul Butler – Bishop of Durham

  • The Rt. Revd. Graham James – Bishop of Norwich

  • The Rt. Revd. Stephen Platten – Bishop of Wakefield

  • The Rt. Revd. Michael Perham – Bishop of Gloucester

  • The Rt. Revd. John Inge – Bishop of Worcester

  • The Rt. Revd. Graham Kings – Bishop of Sherborne

  • The Rt. Revd. Michael Marshall – Former Advisor to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York for Evangelism and the former Bishop of Woolich

  • Stephen Lyon – Coordinator of the Bible in the Life of the Church Project

  • The Very Revd. June Osborne – Dean of Salisbury Cathedral

  • The Revd. Dr. John Polkinghorne, distinguished author, scientist and lecturer

  • Professor David Ford – Regius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge University

  • The Revd. Prof. Richard Burridge – Dean of Kings College London and Professor of Biblical Interpretation

  • The Rev. Dr. Martyn Percy – Dean-Designate of Christ Church, Oxford

  • Dr. Ben Quash – Professor of Christianity and the Arts at King’s College London

  • Dame Mary Tanner – President of the World Council of Churches, renowned ecumenist

  • The Revd Canon Dr. Paul Avis – theological consultant, Anglican Communion Office, London

  • Dr. Paula Gooder – Renown Author and Biblical Lecturer

  • The Revd. John Kafwanka – Director of Mission for the Anglican Communion

  • The Revd. Canon Phil Groves – Project Coordinator for Continuing Indaba

  • The Revd Canon Mark Oakley – Canon Treasurer of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

  • The Revd. Dr. Graham Tomlin – Dean of St. Mellitus College, London

  • The Revd. Canon – Rosalind Brown – Canon Librarian at Durham Cathedral and columnist for The Church Times

  • The Revd. Paul Thaxter –Director of Transcultural Mission at the Church Mission Society

  • The Revd. Richard Kew – Director of Development at Ridley Hall, Cambridge

  • Colin Blakely – Editor of The Church of England Newspaper


  • The Most Revd. Barry Morgan – Archbishop of Wales and Bishop of Llandaff

  • The Rt. Revd. Gregory Cameron – Bishop of St. Asaphs

  • The Revd Canon Dorrien Davies – Canon Residentiary at St. David’s Cathedral and Team Vicar in the Rectorial Benefice of Dewisland

  • The Revd Neil Fairlamb – Rector of Beaumaris, Anglesey, Diocese of Bangor


  • The Most Revd. David Chillingworth – Archbishop of the Scottish Episcopal Church and Bishop of St. Andrews Dunfeld and Dunblane


  • The Rt. Rev. Pierre Whalon – Bishop of the Episcopal Convocation of Churches in Europe


  • The Most Rev. David Moxon – Director of the Anglican Studies Centre in Rome and former Archbishop of New Zealand

Republic of Ireland

  • The Revd. Kenneth Kearon – Secretary General of the Anglican Communion


  • The Rt. Rev. Philip Poole – President of the International Compass Rose Society and Area Bishop in the Diocese of Toronto

  • Rt. Rev. Mark MacDonald – National Indigenous Anglican Bishop of Canada

  • The Rev. Dr. Ephraim Radner – Professor of Historical Theology at Wycliffe College in Toronto

South Africa

  • The Most Rev. Dr. Thabo Makgoba – Archbishop of Capetown in South Africa

South Sudan

  • John Augustino Lumori – Provincial Secretary of the Province of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan


  • The Rt. Rev. James Tengatenga – Bishop of Southern Malawi and Chair of the Anglican Consultative Council


  • The Most Rev. Simon Chiwanga – Former Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Tanzania and former Chairman of the Anglican Consultative Council

  • The Rt. Rev. John Adiema – Bishop of Rorya Diocese in Tanzania

  • The Rt. Rev. Mathayo Kasagara – Bishop of the Diocese of Lake Rukwa in Tanzania

  • The Rev. Canon Moses Matonya – Dean of Msalato Theological College


  • The Rt. Rev. Josiah Fearon – Bishop of the Diocese of Kaduna


  • The Rt. Rev. Trevor Mwamba – Bishop of the Diocese of Botswana in the Province of Central Africa


  • The Rt. Rev. Jonathan B.B. Hart – Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Liberia


  • The Rt. Revd. Joseph Kanuku – Bishop of the Diocese of Machakos

  • The Rt. Revd. Stephen Nyorsok – Bishop of the Diocese of Kitale

  • The Rt. Revd. Julius Kalu – Bishop of the Diocese of Mombasa

  • The Revd. Alphonce Mwaro Baya – Director of TEE Programs for the Diocese of Mombasa

  • The Rev. Canon Joseph Galgalo – Vice Chancellor, St. Paul’s University in Limuru, Kenya

  • The Rev. Dr. Kabiru wa Gatumu – Senior Lecturer and Anglican Representative on the Faculty of Theology at St. Paul’s University in Limuru, Kenya

  • The Rev. Emmanuel Chemengish – Principal of Africa Theological Seminary, Kenya

  • Major (Vernerable) Habil Nakhumwa – Chaplain of the Kenya Military Cadets University and Archdeacon, Western Command AC Churches


  • The Rt. Rev. William Mchombo – Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Eastern Zambia


  • Canon Thomas Pang – Director of the Religious Resource Center of Hong Kong

New Zealand

  • Professor Jenny Te Paa – Principal of Te Rau Kahkatea at St. John’s College in Aukland

  • The Rev’d. Dr. Helen-Ann Hartley – Dean of the College of St. John the Evangelist in Auckland

  • Professor Tim Meadowcroft – Senior Lecturer at Laidlaw College, Auckland

  • The Revd. Dr. Peter Carrell – Director of Education for the Diocese of Christchurch


  • The Most Rev. Bolly Lapok – Archbishop of the Church of Southeast Asia


  • The Most Rev. Nathaniel Uematsu – Primate of the Anglican Church in Japan (Nippon Sei Ko Kai) and Bishop of Hokkaido


  • The Rt. Rev. Peter Carnley – The Former Archbishop of Australia

  • The Rt. Rev. Stephen Pickard – Assisting Bishop in the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn

  • The Revd. Canon Dr. Andrew McGowan – Warden of Trinity College at the University of Melbourne

The Middle East

  • The Rt. Rev. Suheil Dawani – Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem


  • The Rt. Rev. Humphrey Sarfraz Peters – Bishop of Peshawar, Church of Pakistan

  • The Rev. Canon Titus Presler – Principal, Edwardes College, Peshawar, Pakistan

  • The Rev. Riaz Murbarak – Rector of St. Luke’s Church, Abbottabad, Pakistan


  • The Most Revd. Carlos Touche-Porter – Archbishop of Mexico

  • The Rev. Canon Habacuc Ramos-Huerta – Secretario General de Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico

  • The Rt. Rev. Benito Juarez Martinez – Bishop of the Diocese of the Southeast


  • The Most Rev. Armando Guerra Soria – Archbishop of the Anglican Church of the Central American Region


  • The Rt. Rev. Lloyd Allen – Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Honduras

  • The Rev. Pascual Torres – Dean of the Theological Training Program and Chancellor of the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras


  • Bishop Julio Murray Thompson – Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Panama

Costa Rica

  • The Rt. Rev. Hector Moterroso – Obispo (Bishop) de La Iglesia Episcopal Costarricense Comunion Anglicana

Dominican Republic

  • The Rt. Rev. Julio C. Holguin – Obisop (Bishop) de La Iglesia Episcopal Dominicana


  • Mgr. Oge Beauvoir – Eveque Suffragant de l”Eglise Episcopale D’Haiti

  • The Rev. Dr. Kesner Ajax – Coordinator of the Partnership Program in the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti

Puerto Rico

  • The Rt. Rev. David Andres Alvarez – Obispo (Bishop) de La Iglesia Episcopal Puertorriquena (Diocese of Puerto Rico)

  • The Rt. Rev. Wilfrido Ramos-Orench – Officer/Missioner of Province IX

The United States

  • The Rt. Rev. Ian Douglas – Bishop of Connecticut


  • The Rev. Jose Francisco Salazar V – Tesorero y Administrador de La Iglesia Anglicana Episcopal Venezolana

  • The Rev. Adrian Cardenas-Torres – Diploma Program Coordinator of the Anglican International Center for Theological Studies in the Episcopal Diocese of Venezuela

South America

  • The Rt. Revd. Henry Scriven – CMS Mission Director for South America