Founding Members

Founding Members of the Center for Biblical Studies are bishops, clergy, individuals, churches, cathedrals, schools, seminaries or other organizations that offer $500 or more in order to help us to promote The Bible Challenge nationally and internationally. If you would like to become a Founding Member or support the Center for Biblical Studies at any level, please email us at


The Rev. Rich Webster
Rector of St. Luke’s Church
Birmingham, Alabama


The Very Rev. W. Nicholas Knisely
Dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
Phoenix, Arizona


The Rt. Rev. Barry Beisner
Bishop of the Diocese of Northern California

The Rev. Randal Gardner
St. James by-the-Sea Episcopal Church
La Jolla, California


The Rev. John Branson
Rector of Christ and Holy Trinity Church
Westport, Connecticut

The Rev. Jim Lemler
Rector of Christ Church
Christ Church, Greenwich, Connecticut

The Rev. Joe Pace
Rector of St. John’s Church
West Hartford, Connecticut

The Rev. Peter Walsh
Rector of St. Mark’s Church
New Canan, Connecticut
The Rev. David Anderson
Rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Darien, Connecticut

Mrs. Shirley Wick
Stonington, Connecticut

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Royce
Greenwich, Connecticut


The Rt. Rev. Leo Frade
Bishop of Southeast Florida
Miami, Florida

The Rev. Rick Westbury
Rector of Christ Church
Ponte Vedra, Florida

The Rev. Chip Stokes
Rector of St. Paul’s Church
Delray Beach, Florida

The Rev. Bob Trache
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and School
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Rev. Anne Kimball
Fort Myers, Florida


The Very Rev. Sam Candler
Dean of the Cathedral of St. Philip
Atlanta, Georgia


The Right Reverend Robert L. Fitzpatrick
The Episcopal Diocese of Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii


The Rev. Jay Sidebotham
Rector of the Church of the Holy Spirit
Lake Forest, Illinois


The Rt. Rev. Catherine Waynick
Bishop of the Diocese of Indianapolis
Indianapolis, Indiana
The Rt. Rev. Ed Little
Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Indiana
South Bend, Indiana

The Very Rev. Steven Carlsen
Dean of Christ Church Cathedral
Indianapolis, Indiana

The Rev. Tom Kryder-Reid
Trinity Episcopal Church
Indianapolis, Indiana


The Rev. Henry Hudson
Rector of Trinity Church
New Orleans, Louisiana


Mr. Charles Zabriskie
Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts

Mrs. Priscilla Kennedy
Boston, Massachusetts

The Rev. Sandra and Martin McCann
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts


The Rev. Rob Skirving
St. John’s Episcopal Church
Midland, Michigan


The Very Rev. Spenser Simrill
Dean of St. Mark’s Cathedral
Minneapolis, Minnesota


The Rt. Rev. Duncan M. Gray, III
Bishop of the Diocese of Mississippi

New York

The Rev. Jim Cooper
Trinity Church, Wall Street
New York, New York

North Carolina

The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry
Bishop of North Carolina

The Rt. Rev. Peter James Lee
Bishop of the Diocese of East Carolina

The Rev. Chip Edens
Rector of Christ Church
Charlotte, North Carolina

The Rev. David Hodges
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Mrs. Constance Gray
Winston Salem, North Carolina


The Very Rev. Ron Delbene
Interim Dean at Christ Church Cathedral
Cincinnati, Ohio

The Very Rev. Tracy Lind
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
Cleveland, Ohio


The Rev. Frank Allen
Rector of St. David’s Church, Radnor
Wayne, Pennsylvania

The Rev. Ledlie Laughlin
Rector of St. Peter’s Church, Pine Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Rt. Rev. Charles Bennison
The Diocese of Pennsylvania

South Carolina

The Rt. Rev. Andrew Waldo
The Diocese of Upper South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina


The Rt. Rev. Andy Doyle
Bishop of the Diocese of Texas
Houston, Texas

The Rev. Mary Wilson
St. Martin’s Church
Houston, Texas

The Rev. Merrill Wade
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church
Austin, Texas


The Rt. Rev. Shannon Johnston
Bishop of the Diocese of Virginia

The Rev. Randy Hollerith
Rector of St. James’s Episcopal Church
Richmond, Virginia

The Rev. Gary Jones
Rector of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Richmond, Virginia

The Rev. Oran Warder
Rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Alexandria, Virginia

Fr. Andrew Merrow
Rector of St. Mary’s Church
Arlington, Virginia

The Rev. Rick Lord
The Church of the Holy Comforter
Vienna, Virginia

Mr. and Mrs Bryce Powell
Richmond, Virginia


The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel
Bishop of the Diocese of Olympia
Seattle, Washington