20140401103427231-page-001Dear Friends,

Easter will soon be upon us, and we hope to do something special at St. Thomas’, which parishes across the country may emulate over coming years. I recently edited a book of meditations, questions and prayers based on 50 passages from the Gospel of Matthew. This has just been published by Forward Movement Publishers, who also published my book The Bible Challenge.

This much smaller volume is entitled The Journey through Matthew: A 50-Day Bible Challenge. Copies may be purchased for $6.

Our goal is to help our members engage God’s Word each day. There is nothing that builds a stronger Christian than a daily conversation with the Holy One that occurs as we prayerfully engage Scripture. I began this work while on sabbatical, inviting 24 colleagues from across the United States and around the world to contribute a short meditation, a question or two and a prayer to accompany each of the daily Scripture readings from Matthew.

This book was ideally designed for churches to use over Eastertide, the 50-day season that begins with Easter Day and ends at Pentecost. I will be recording short videos to accompany each of the 28 chapters of Matthew’s Gospel to give our members and others more insight into what we learn about and from Jesus as Matthew tells his story.

With Easter blessings for your loved ones and you,

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Has it ever dawned on you that Christianity is far too fragmented?  What if we could build bridges and break down the walls that divide us?  What if we could invite Christians from around the world to come together and do something that unifies and inspires all of us and to do something that we all believe in – like reading the Bible?  What if millions of Christians could develop a lifelong habit of reading the Bible and be inspired to encourage others to join us so that together we could share this spiritual practice and know the love that God has for us and take our faith more seriously?

This is the goal of the Center for Biblical Studies.  Our mission is to promote The Bible Challenge – a simple effort to encourage individuals and churches around the globe to read the entire Bible.  Studies show that if someone reads the Bible for 21 days in a row that they have an 80% chance of developing a lifetime habit of reading the Bible.

Imagine what it would be like to live in a world and worship in churches where lots of people read the Bible daily and are spiritually energized by God’s Word as opposed to being spiritually dry, lost and lacking hope.  We hope that you will accept The Bible Challenge and let reading God’s Word be part of each of your days for the rest of your life.  It can transform your life and the world that we share.

The Rev. Marek P. Zabriskie

Rector of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church. Fort Washington, Pennsylvania
Founder and Executive Director of The Bible Challenge and The Center for Biblical Studies